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These engaging stories and whimsical illustrations delight children and parents alike, imparting lessons about courage, loyalty and being true to oneself. The “Themes and Values” notes integrated into the pages challenge young readers to think critically and relate the stories to their own lives. Music, dance and theater vocabulary words are highlighted in the text and compiled into a glossary with beautiful photographs to illustrate each term. The experience of live theater leaps from the page, endearing children to the performing arts. Each Music or Ballet Series Storybook is based on a famed piece, in genres including symphony, opera, ballet and musical theater.


Prices start at $19.95

Tell us about your business’ mission:

Our mission is to provide elegant dance products and inspire dancers to lead extraordinary lives.

Best thing about your work:

Our team is comprised of adults who remain passionate about the arts whether that is dance, music, theater or visual art. It is a pleasure being able to turn a passion into a career. We love working to inspire and support the next generation of artists to follow their dreams with the assistance of our products.

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

We are excited to reach young children in the Chicago community to further spark their creativity and encourage their love for the arts.

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