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Tell us about your business’ mission:

We are a nonprofit social enterprise creating business for other social enterprises focusing on workforce development. In Chicago, we create jobs for people with significant barriers to employment through our 1eleven® Program where we enable transformations and build pathways to equity and economic stability through employment, leadership training, and career development.

Best thing about your work:

The best thing about our work is our impact on our social enterprise partners and our own production associates. In addition to creating business for social enterprises with workforce development programs that support and expand job opportunities for people with significant barriers to fair wage employment, we are also a direct provider of jobs to people from underserved communities in Chicago through our 1eleven® Program.

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

We know we can be the YWCA’s best YShop partner and provide funds to support so many of the wonderful things you are doing. We are also quite aligned in our missions and values



329 W 18th Street, Ste 714

Chicago, IL 60616


(312) 226-3345



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