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We believe all people should live the life they want without fear. That’s why we created the Guard Llama system—a safety device and smartphone application that provides peace of mind, security and personal protection 24/7/365.

Guard Llama enables users to discreetly call for help with the press of a button. In an emergency situation, the keychain-sized remote requests help without having to take a hand out of a pocket or finding a phone to call 911.

When users activate the silent alarm, our 24/7, nationwide, professional dispatch notifies the authorities of the user's real-time GPS location, picture, and physical description to get help dispatched as soon as possible. 

Save 20% when you choose an annual plan. We’ll also include our Bluetooth-enabled remote for no additional cost.  

Tell us about your business’ mission:

Our mission is to save lives and prevent violent crimes. Period.

Best thing about your work:

Sometimes 911 isn't an option. We are proud to be able to provide an additional solution when pushing a button is safer than having a conversation with a 911 dispatcher.

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

The YWCA has a long history of changing the status quo. Its impact stretches an entire nation, and the support they provide touches millions of people in need every year. With the YWCA, we would have the privilege of reaching a vast amount of people, helping us change and save more lives.

Guard Llama

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Joe Parisi


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