Yoga & Meditation Accessories

Kathmandu Yogi’s unique Meditation Cushions and Yoga Bags are made from Tibetan brocade blended silk, Bhutanese print woven cotton and 100% Nepalese organic cotton. All are original designs realized by artisans in Nepal.

Our Malas are made of the finest quality of wood, seed and semi-precious stones from Nepal or India.

The trappings of your meditation practice should always be beautiful and inspiring. After all, your mind is worth it.

Tell us about your business’ mission:

Kathmandu Yogi strives to support a healthy body and mind, and to inspire your meditation practice. We also work for achieving better trading conditions and promoting socioeconomic development in Nepal. We want to offer an opportunity to accumulate good karma by shopping consciously.

Best thing about your work:

Being able to benefit both the people in the east by fair trade, and the people in the west by offering tools for meditation.

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

The values and mission of YWCA are similar to ours, such us empowering women and promoting peace and freedom.

Kathmandu Yogi

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Natasha Casanova



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