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Divinity Seven Apparel is a Chicago based private label clothing company. Our garments are crafted from organic materials and we utilize environmentally friendly inks.

*Prices start at $30 and up

Tell us about your business’ mission:

We believe in creating apparel that is about style, substance with great attention to detail-­ created for the conscious consumer. As a small company, we are limited to what supply chains are available to use. As we grow, we are committed to making every change possible to create a product of the highest quality and sustainability. Not only is Divinity Seven committed to sustainability, we propose to work collaboratively with select nonprofit(s) by giving a percentage of sales to support their amazing work with our young people in Chicago, Our Vision is bigger than fashion, Divinity Seven, is a lifestyle, more than just material.

Best thing about your work:

Ability to be creative but also support worthwhile endeavors in and around my community.

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

We see this partnering opportunity as a means to expand the reach and exposure of our Brand, while supporting the programmatic and operational principles of the YWCA

Divinity Seven Apparel

Contact name

Scott Witherspoon


1525 E.53rd St. Suite 425

Chicago IL. 60615





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Divinity Seven Apparel
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