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“Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose: 21 Ways to Walk Boldly Into the Life You Were Created to Live” is an inspirational book with personal and practical faith based career, life and love strategies for women. In this book you will find personal life stories from the author, faith filled reflections, sprinkles of humor, strategies and practical advice to empower you to walk boldly into the life you are purposed for.

This book is for the aspiring entrepreneur, the single woman who refuses to be defined by her relationship status, for the mother who feels she’s lost herself in the midst of raising her children, the woman who is in the second act of her life starting over in a new career or the recent graduate who doesn’t quite know what she wants to be when she “grows up”. You will be encouraged to transform your ordinary life into an extraordinary journey!

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At L. Nicole Media & Communications, we provide social media strategy to organizations to help them maximize their presence, accelerate their results and build a bankable social media brand. Personally I am dedicated to helping lead women to walk boldly into the life and business they are purposed for. As a writer, speaker and coach I have a passion for inspiring women to live more extraordinary lives and encourage them by sharing my personal story of overcoming death, disability and a dead end job .

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Seeing my clients visions come to reality.

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I'm excited to align my business with an organization like the YWCA who has had a hand in empowering thousands of women to launch businesses and live out their dreams.

Extra Ordinary Purpose

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Extra Ordinary Purpose