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Our natural soy candles pay tribute to avid wine connoisseur. Handcrafted by Mallang Candles, each candle is made with a wood wick and 100% all natural soy wax that burn clean and longer than paraffin wax. Also biodegradable, non-toxic and safe when used correctly. All Fragrances are safety and flash-point tested to ensure a safe even burning candle. Just follow the handy burning instructions located on every candle’s packaging and ENJOY! 


Imagine that first smell of a fresh bottle of Merlot. Enjoy the fragrance of fresh dark fruits and berries as it sets the tone of the perfect background scent to your intimate night. Up to 175 hrs burn time.

White Zen:

White Zen if one of our most popular candles with the aroma of fruity dry pink wine with undertones of red raspberries, currants, strawberries and rose petals. Perfect as a background fragrance for relaxing and intimate nights. Up to 175 hrs burn time.

White Citrus: 

The perfect combination of scents for Eliminating Odors. This natural soy candle is a blend of fresh citrus fruits, including , orange and grapefruit, mixed with sweet and spicy cinnamon. Up to 172 hrs burn time.


Sit back, relax and imagine the scent of Ecstasy. Ecstasy is one of our newest soy candles. This scented candle has hints of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot and lemon blended with a whisper of ginger, jasmine. Up to 175 hrs burn time.


Insatiable is our newest fragrance filled with the aroma of sweet grapes mixed with citrus and tropical blends. Perfect as a background fragrance to a dinner party or an intimate evening. Up to 172 hrs burn time.


All candles are made to order and handcrafted with love and require up to 5 business days production time. Production time does not include shipping time. Orders are shipped in the order they are received. 


We Ship via USPS First Class Priority

U.S. 2-4 business days 

Internationally 6-15 business days 

Tell us about your business’ mission:

Love Cork Screw is a new brand of wine with a sassy yet subtle knack for getting you. We offer novice wine enthusiasts a range of choices for any palate. Indulgence knows no boundaries.

Best thing about your work:

Inspiring people to follow their dreams and never give up by telling my story.

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

We are women that want to empower other women to follow their dreams. What an amazing organization to help do just that.

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