Standup Comedy Classes

Chicago's female-only standup comedy class! Founded in 2009 with over 450 graduates! Mention YShop in the "how did you hear about us?" section when you signup and 10% of proceeds will come back to YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.

Tell us about your business’ mission:

To get more women involved in stand-up comedy and provide them with a foundation of communication skills that reach further than just comedy performance.

Best thing about your work:

Watching a room full of people laughing with a student who just overcame a fear, got hooked on performing stand-up comedy, or just had fun!

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

We are also a non-profit and want to fulfill our mission of makingn a difference in the community. Feminine Comique is also a program that values the empowerment of women, which is a main tenet of the YWCA!

Feminine Comique





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