Valient Coaching

Valient Coaching

Valient Coaching:

You have dreams. You have aspirations. You have a feeling that you’re meant for more than the humdrum day to day routine you’re currently living. 

You also have resistance, fears, and insecurities that are stopping you from getting what you really want. It’s time to let them go, to redefine who you are, and to take action to create the life you want.  

Valiant Coaching is a 1:1 opportunity that gives you the individualized support for 6 or 12 months that you need to get to YOUR next level. It’s an experience that will help you move through whatever is holding you back and get you on the path to achieve your big, beautiful goals.

*Prices start at $2,000.00 and up.


Tell us about your business’ mission:

My mission is to inspire technicolor transformation.

Best thing about your work:

Many of my clients come to my feeling as if their life looks great on paper yet, they are still unfulfilled as if something is missing and living life in shades of gray. Through our work together, my clients come back to life!

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

The YWCA is dear to my heart. I worked for many years as a social worker and the YWCA was a godsend for many of my clients who were going through difficult situations and needed the support and resources that the YWCA was able to provide them during times of crisis.

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