Your skin will thank you...

There isn't a better time than now to update your skincare regime! With the weather change, Peace Spa Products has everything you need to keep your skin healthy and hydrated! And today, we are highlighting the founder of these life changing products...

      Meet Jeannette Kravitz!     

Where did the idea to launch Peace Spa come from?

When the economy declined and funding was hard to come by for our charity, I wanted to find a way to develop a product or service that could help support our nonprofit.  (www.sponsorKIDS I knew I wanted to find a turn key business with female customers that I could be passionate about and we found one. skincare was born. The first thing we did was to formulate products to be healthy, natural and botanic for our existing clients as well as select spas who started using our product line.

If you could pick two products you swear by that you sell, what would they be?

So much depends on the persons skin type! A few are pumpkin enzyme, peptide  firming serum and green tea moisturizer with SPF. So much depends on the weather and the time of year. It’s difficult to pick just two since all categories are essential to an overall regime.

What do you wish you could tell your teenage self about the importance of a skincare regime?

 My Portuguese mother and Cherokee father blessed me with good skin and the importance of natural botanic foods and skincare ingredients that often times were made at home. In today's busy world, I realize the importance of convenience.  My teenage self would thank my parents for this gift of knowledge and inspiration.

What inspires you in your work?

My work at the charity, especially our program has provided me the opportunity to help children find their voice as we travel the world together in global cultural exchanges, documentaries, and  celebrity-music-focused events. donates a good portion of their proceeds to help make these trips happen along with attracting other sponsors. This entire process creates a full-circle of giving which inspires me every day.

What is your mantra to empower women and yourself?

 Spend specific time to discover your life's passion. Believe you will succeed. Visualize your future.  Act on opportunities.  Be kind and be fearless.


Thank you, Jenneatte!

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