Black Business Month 2020

For those unaware, August is Black Business Month–a time to recognize and honor our local black-owned businesses. Illinois alone may have roughly 19% black-owned small businesses, but the current pandemic has already affected over 40% of these business owners across the country

We've always worked hard to partner with and help small business owners on our YShop and through our Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Woodlawn. Over the years, that has naturally evolved into primarily woman and minority-owned businesses. We take pride in recognizing our local talent because they are not only offering quality work, but reinvesting right back into the community. If we can help give them a larger platform–it's the least we can (and will) do.

And then there are additional partnerships like what we've established with This is a directory for black-owned, brick and mortar businesses that provide a purchase online buy in store (BOPIS) option. Business owners can enter their own information for free and the general public just needs to enter location details to see options in their immediate areas. It's a great solution even when you're elsewhere in the country and want that experience of a handmade product and/or local service.

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago has worked with almost 150 business owners since the YShop launched in 2015 and we want to shoutout our current black-owned business partners below. Please take a moment to look through the list and discover some hidden gems right here in Chicagoland!

Holiday Shopping Deadlines

Please note that the following deadlines are in place for the month of December:

Standard Ground Shipping December 12, 2019, at 3:00pm
In-Person Pickup December 19, 2019, at 12:00pm

Order fulfillment for YWCA Metropolitan Chicago merchandise will be paused from December 23rd to January 1st. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Facing the Fight Beautifully™

How often do we seem to allow ourselves to become caught in a mental trap of assuming successful people are where they are because they possess some sort of special gift? Whether it is weight loss, starting a new business or simply getting your task list done for the day - when you take a closer look at success, we see there is no secret. No one has special access to success. The truth is that the greatest tool successful people utilize over the average person is their ability to take action.

Talk with Your Dollars

Merriam-Webster defines empowerment as, “the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties.” It’s been part of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago mission and vision for over 140 years now. We work to empower the women and families of Chicagoland through our programs and services, focusing on the root causes of societal issues.

Dorri's Favorite Things 2017

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago CEO Dorri McWhorter has put together her list of holiday favorites in the YShop:

With all these partners and many more, YShop is truly your one-stop-shop this holiday season! Anytime you buy on YShop, you are making a #PurchaseWithPurpose because a portion of each sale benefits YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.

Dorri's Favorite Things 2016

Our very own in-house fashionista and CEO, Dorri McWhorter, has put together this year's list of her favorite YShop products.

With all these partners and many more, YShop is truly your one-stop-shop this holiday season! Anytime you buy on YShop, you are making a #PurchaseWithPurpose because a portion of each sale benefits YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.

Reddy Set Yoga Collection: 360 Clean Living Detox

Reddy Set Yoga is proud to be a YShop Partner. We incorporate yoga and nutritional therapies, and healthy, safe, effective, clean products to promote easy 360 clean living. YShop customers will receive a complimentary 15-minute personal health consultation regarding our products and services. 

TRICK or TREAT? Business Owners Beware!

The past four decades have taught me a lot about challenges that businesses encounter. As a business owner from a family of business owners, I learned as I watched my father and brother weather the cash flow roller coaster many businesses face...

Dorri's Favorite Things!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And this means only one thing: tis the season of giving! Whether it’s buying presents for your friends and family, or volunteering your time at your favorite charity, there is something in the air and it’s downright jolly.

Guard your life with Guard Llama!

During National Week of Action, a week to bring awareness to college campus sexual assault, we couldn't highlight a better YShop partner than Guard Llama. Guard Llama's mission is aligned with our mission help empower women to feel more confident when out alone. A group of men (yes, all men) came up with this personal safety security device that, with just a click of a button, dispatches police with your photo and exact location...

Your skin will thank you...

There isn't a better time than now to update your skincare regime! With the weather change, Peace Spa Products has everything you need to keep your skin healthy and hydrated! And today, we are highlighting the founder of these life changing products...

Who Run the World? GIRLS

This week, meet the founder of T+J Designs and the infamous fashion blog "Redsolesandredwine." Jennifer Worman! Jenn has captured an audience for her  notable fashion sense which then turned into her full time job! We collaborated with Jenn on a t-shirt design aimed at what we do best: Empowering Women! Read our full interview with this fashionista and grab your "Who Run the World" tee today! 

Meet Chicago's beauty guru and learn all her secrets...

This week, meet the founder of PrettyQuick, who has revolutionized and eased the beauty industry with a one-stop shop for all your beauty booking needs. PrettyQuick app lets you book anything from a massage, blowout and/or manicure all at once! The best part? You can pre-pay and add tip!


You may have seen Gloria Steinem tweet about her book, Beauty School Scarlet presents: #Iambeautyinspired or been moved by one of her many beauty empowerment workshops. Yshop partner, Renee Bolton embodies who the YWCA woman. Today, we asked her a few questions to get to know the face behind this powerful book...

How Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Can Rescue African American Neighborhoods

Directing our dollars to women and minority-owned/led and women and minority “friendly” businesses can truly make a difference for our communities.

During the holiday season, we invited an expert to share her insights on the topic of “conscious consumerism.” Maggie Anderson is co-founder of the Empowerment Experiment and author of “Our Black Year: One Family's Quest to Buy Black in America's Racially Divided Economy.”

Maggie has many ideas for making meaningful changes in your daily habits that can impact our communities of color. Please read and share your thoughts on social media. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use hashtags: #powerofthepurse #yshop #consciousconsumerism. Thank you!