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Joining YShop will help you reach out to new customers. By partnering with us, you will have the opportunity to attract new customers from our large group of supporters. The best part? You’ll be shopping AND helping your local community

Be Innovative

Prior to its launch, YShop was already been featured in Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation as a “Big idea for 2015.” As we continue to be recognized by the media as an innovative 21st century social enterprise, co-branding is an integrated part of our marketing strategy. With the ever-changing digital and social landscape, don’t allow your business to get left behind! Let’s use technology to build mutually beneficial partnerships!

See the Possibilities

YShop is the new way for you to engage with our constituent base of over 200,000 friends (consisting of donors, corporations, small businesses and our clients). YWCA Metropolitan Chicago has strong brand recognition as the leading women’s organization in the world.

Believe in the Future

We strongly believe that the path toward a better tomorrow is through the power of the social enterprise. Through Yshop, we can empower countless consumers, promote your business AND strengthen our local communities.