Vegan Cell Renewal Night Cream


YASOU vegan night cream replenishes and reinvigorates your skin’s beauty. This cell renewal night cream is designed to work in tandem with your skin’s own natural repair cycle. Our night moisturizing treatment is designed to stimulate your skin and promote collagen. Every morning you can look forward to a fresher, fuller, firmer, more beautiful face with this luxe wellness product. Vegan, gluten-free, Leaping Bunny certified and made in the USA.

Tell us about your business’ mission:

To create a skin care line that contains natural/organic ingredients in it, that is good for one’s health and also feels like the luxe products in the department stores as well.

Best thing about your work:

Empowering people with knowledge on natural plant derived ingredients and their benefits for their skin and health.

Why are you excited to partner with the YWCA?

I love the idea of participating in something that is primarily focused on women and than being able to give back to that same group!


Contact name

Theodora Ntovas



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