You may have seen Gloria Steinem tweet about her book, Beauty School Scarlet presents: #Iambeautyinspired or been moved by one of her many beauty empowerment workshops. Yshop partner, Renee Bolton embodies who the YWCA woman. Today, we asked her a few questions to get to know the face behind this powerful book...

How did #Imbeautyinspired get started?

 I started my business in 2012. I've always had a passion for beauty and writing. I've worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years and I've been writing poetry since the 8th grade. Writing about beauty is not just my passion; it's my purpose.

 When starting your own business, what kind of adversity, if any, did you face? And secondly, being a woman owned business, what setbacks did you face?

The adversity I face is how society views beauty. It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I'm a firm believer that beauty is in the mind of the beholder.

We as women sometimes struggle with embracing our inner beauty because we're told we should look a certain way.

 What inspires you in your work?  

All things beauty inspires my work. Music, art, nature and dance all give me the inspiration to create beauty with words.

 What involvement does your business and/or you have in the community?

I offer inner and outer beauty empowerment workshops targeting young adult and youth organizations. I'm a Board Member and Mentor for L.O.V. Mentoring. An organization empowering self-image, greater social awareness and responsibility for young girls.


            Thank you, Renee! You can learn more about Renee and her book on her                   YShop profile today!