Meet Chicago's beauty guru and learn all her secrets...

This week, meet the founder of PrettyQuick, who has revolutionized and eased the beauty industry with a one-stop shop for all your beauty booking needs. PrettyQuick app lets you book anything from a massage, blowout and/or manicure all at once! The best part?
You can pre-pay and add tip!

      Meet Coco Meers!     


What is your daily beauty regime?

As an entrepreneur and new mom, I am all about speed when it comes to getting ready for the day.   I try to take good care of my skin which is of course is the foundation for any makeup that may go on top.  The morning routine starts with a refreshing facial scrub, a vitamin-rich serum, (favorites include Biotherm, Nuxe, or Estee Lauder) and then a tinted moisturizer (always with SPF).   I have a soft spot for  just-right rosy cheeks so I rarely leave the house without a soft blush.  Next, I focus on eye definition.  Most days that means a few coats of volumizing mascara.  (as many as I've tried, it's still hard to beat Maybelline Great Lash)  For a slightly more dressed up eye look, I am a huge fan of easy-to-apply stick shadow (By Terry  Ombre Blackstar is the best!) A pop of color (lip tint or pencil) on the lips and I'm set to bolt in just a few minutes. 

What are your top 3-4 beauty products you think are a must-have for all women?

  1. An eye cream you adore (try Shisedo or Garnier)
  2. A signature lip color for each season
  3. Sleekening or bodifying styling products as needed (For me, it's Oribee texturizing spray)

What are your on-the-go beauty products you always have in your purse?

  1. Dry oil or hydrating spray for a  dewey complexion
  2. Your signature fragrance
  3. PrettyQuick app!!!! (for easy cashless beauty appointments whenever I need them, wherever I am)

If you could choose one beauty treatment to have done for the rest of your life what would it be?

Such a hard question! I guess it would be a great haircut.  Nothing like refreshing your style to make you feel ready for the season at hand!

Thank you, Coco! Be it a manicure or a blowout, PrettyQuick is your one stop shop for all beauty needs. Now stop reading, and get to shopping!