Facing the Fight Beautifully™

by Delilah Matos, Founder, Beautiful Fighter®

How often do we seem to allow ourselves to become caught in a mental trap of assuming successful people are where they are because they possess some sort of special gift? Whether it is weight loss, starting a new business or simply getting your task list done for the day - when you take a closer look at success, we see there is no secret. No one has special access to success. The truth is that the greatest tool successful people utilize over the average person is their ability to take action.

A recent collaboration between Beautiful Fighter® and YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, the FIGHTER 90 Day Challenge™, proves that Facing the Fight Beautifully is possible.

Cherlnell Lane of Chicago was the winner of the Beautiful Fighter® 90 Day Challenge package. “I loved working with Beautiful Fighter®. Delilah has encouraged me to accomplish my goals and always stay in the fight!” stated fighter Cherlnell Lane.

Delilah provided personal brand and business coaching as well as boxing empowerment and a revitalizing facial treatment as part of Cherlnell’s prize.

Upon completion of the 90 Day Challenge, Cherlnell has successfully gone on to host her our women's empowerment seminars and has more coming that can be viewed on her very own website at www.cherlnell.com. You can also follow Cherlnell Lane on her IG page at @cherlnell.

About Delilah Matos, Beautiful Fighter

Delilah possesses a genuine spirit for uplifting women of any background or level of expertise, whether it be in business or accomplishing personal goals she believes that each of us can face any obstacle beautifully. Delilah is a nationally published writer, founder of Beautiful Fighter® as well a strong supporter of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago. She has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2018-19 by Illinois Suburban Women Magazine, for no small reason, “Beautiful Fighter is out to make sure every person knows that they can 'Face the Fight' and WIN, no matter the battle, and Face IT Beautifully.”  You can learn more about Beautiful Fighter by visiting beautifulfighter.com, Instagram at @facethefight or  Facebook at @BeautifulFighter.