YWCA Metropolitan Chicago Joins SellSwipe to Provide New Small Business Solution

Social marketplace helps brick and mortar small businesses attract digital consumers with buy online and pickup in-store capability

This Black Friday, Chicago small business owners have the opportunity to bring new customers into their stores along with greater insights, leveling the competition with big name, global retailers. SellSwipe helps shoppers save time by letting them purchase products they want before they visit the store. The digital platform presents users with an interactive map of local retailers in their immediate vicinity and is completely free to use.

Small business owners receive additional word-of-mouth marketing by just being listed on the site as they can choose to use the platform strictly for discovery, at no cost. Should they choose to sell merchandise, there is a flat 8.15% transaction fee. According to SurePayroll’s Small Business Scorecard, only 26 percent of U.S. small businesses have an ecommerce presence. Yet a 2018 CNN report noted that Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) orders have increased by 47%. Local merchants literally cannot afford to miss out if these trends continue.

Beginning Cyber Monday, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago will offer their own merchandise on SellSwipe.com as an extension of YShop.org, the YWCA’s online store where a percentage of every sale benefits the organization’s programs and services. “One of my favorite things about online shopping is the ability to grab my purchases if I’ll be in the area instead of waiting for the shipment to arrive,” said Dorri McWhorter, CEO of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago. “New entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses often don’t have the resources or bandwidth to provide an option like this. We think this will be another way to provide innovation in both the nonprofit and small business sectors. It’s a win-win-win.”

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is the oldest and largest women’s service organization in the Region, with a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. With a trauma-informed approach, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is a leading service provider in the areas of sexual violence support services, early childhood and child care provider services, family support services, youth STEM programming, and economic empowerment services.

About SellSwipe

SellSwipe was founded in 2015 after their CEO David Facey wanted to buy flowers for his date that evening. He looked on his phone for a florist, but couldn’t find one near him. However, the moment he walked out of his office, he noticed a florist right across the street. As a shopper who relied on his phone for everything, the experience left him with more questions than answers. Why didn’t he notice that shop on his daily walk to work? Why didn’t it appear on his phone when he was right next to it? The answers to those questions would lead to the formation of SellSwipe. Despite the fact that locally owned businesses form the backbone of any community, many struggle to compete and grow as shoppers increasingly turn to the internet to make purchasing decisions. Most local businesses don’t have the resources they need to keep up and innovate on the experience they provide shoppers. SellSwipe’s mission is to simplify marketing for locally owned businesses so they can focus on what makes them great like their authenticity, uniqueness, and customer service. These values create relationships that reward businesses with repeat business and word of mouth marketing. SellSwipe wants to take these relationships to new heights by empowering shoppers with a platform that helps them buy local. Visit www.sellswipe.com to learn more today.

About YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Founded in 1876, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is a social enterprise committed to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. As a leading association among a national network of more than 200 YWCAs, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago impacts tens of thousands of women and families annually through comprehensive human services provided across the region. YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is a leading service provider in the areas of sexual violence support services, early childhood and child care provider services, family support services, youth STEM programming, and economic empowerment services. Located in the third-largest American city with the third-highest percentage of women in the U.S., YWCA Metropolitan Chicago serves as a national incubator for innovative programming, outreach and engagement strategies. Contributing to our diverse and balanced economy, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is working at the individual and systems levels to create an inclusive marketplace where everyone thrives. The organization is also an active member of many national, state, county and city-level coalitions, representing the interests of and advocating for policies that positively affect women and families. Learn more at www.ywcachicago.org or follow @ywcachicago.